Surface area
300+ hectareas
62M+€ euros
25+ countries

In addition to the cultivation and marketing of organic fruit and vegetables, they also produce packaged products from the V range.

Biosabor is a family business incorporated since September 2008. Amongst our firm’s partners there is extensive experience in ecological, sustainable and innovative horticulture. We market more than 50,000 tons of organic produce each year: fruits and vegetables, plus our “Convenience Food” range of processed products such as salmorejo and tomato juice with pomegranate.

Our company has grown precisely because we are committed to making ecology and the promotion of health our hallmarks for quality and nutritional value, while always taking into account the goals of sustainable development proposed by UNESCO.

Biosabor Greenhouse

100% organic production right from the start

Qualified as a zero-food-waste company, Biosabor participates in the Horizon 2020 project sponsored by the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. Biosabor is also the first company in our sector to have created an R&D department for nutrition and health.

Francisco Belmonte, receiving the Medal of Andalusia in 2019

Our Purpose

The purpose of BIOSABOR is to develop a sustainable model for agriculture, based on organic production that returns original flavor to the products of the land in Almería, thus putting healthy products on the market with the maximum guarantee of quality and safety for consumers. This model includes our commitment to the environment, to our providers, to our workers, to the community, and to Research & Development in nutrition and health, thereby producing a balanced set of values for all concerned.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a company of reference in the transformation of the agricultural sector in Almería, demonstrating the potential for the region to produce innovative products of the highest quality as recognized in national and international markets; we aspire to improve   the yields, the productivity, our interaction with the ecosystem, and the well-being of our consumers, our workers and our environment. 

Facilities Biosabor

Our Values

Our values can be summarized by respect and value creation, both for society and for the environment, through corporate commitment and social responsibility, in a spirit of constant striving for excellence through hard work, integrity and honesty

We value our contributions to making things better in society and in the environment, through our respect for and integration with the environment, and by making available to the wider community our organic produce with maximum guarantees of quality.
Biosabor Facilities. Carretera San José, km2 04117 San Isidro, Níjar. Almería (España)

Research and Development in our field

Biosabor has become in just ten years the vanguard for the fruit and vegetable sector of Almería, through the research we have done to develop several new varieties with great flavor: in tomato with  Angelle, Piccolo, Tomazur and Adora; in pepper with Sweet Palermo; in tropical fruits with papaya and mango; and in “Convenience Food” products with gazpachos, juices and sauces.

With a focus on health

With organics as a banner and focused on health, Biosabor guarantees the quality and nutritional properties of its products.  Biosabor is a company of reference, and the first company in the field to create an R&D department in nutrition and health. Biosabor devotes some of its profits to research and clinical trials, even publishing articles in prestigious scientific journals, thus seeking innovative products that benefit the health of the community.