Creating shared value and responsibility as the fundamental way of doing business.

Respect and creation of value for society and the environment, plus sustainable commitment to protect future generations.

Respect and openness to the diversity of cultures and traditions.

Make a difference in everything we do thanks to passion, effort, and continuous improvement towards excellence.

Our track record

We are currently a leading company in organic food at an international level. We consider ourselves to be a modern and avant-garde company within the fruit and vegetable sector in Almeria, thanks to our varieties with flavour and elaborated products, with very high nutritional properties.

In 2012, we started a second line of business, organic pre-prepared convenience products, as a way of supporting the circular economy through the use and utilisation of our surpluses. We produce organic convenience packaged products (pre-prepared meals, juices and sauces), the manufacture of which we subcontract from our raw materials.

This is one of the strategic projects for the next four years.

For us, our work must be aimed at supporting sustainable development in all three areas (economic, social and environmental). It is therefore crucial to align our strategy with sustainability, supporting “Creating Shared Value” and that “business is people”, as reflected in our values.