From the beginning, Biosabor has prioritized care for the environment; it’s key to our philosophy as a company; we have developed our environmental policies from this organic DNA. Since 2019, Biosabor has been adhering to the Spanish Global Compact, as one more partner in the 2019 Action Plan. We are also registered in RedSostal, the network of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as signatories to the Decalogue of Sustainability.

Nowadays, organic farming is adapted as a form of sustainable agriculture. In our organic crops, we exclude the use of chemicals, with the aim of preserving the environment, maintaining soil fertility, and providing food with all its natural properties.

We also prioritize the efficient consumption of water and energy, the traceability of our products from departure to arrival in markets, and consumer information regarding the nutritional qualities of the food we produce.

Biosabor Organic Greenhouse