Social Responsibility

Companies are the people who form them, and with this premise we have led Biosabor to be among the companies most valued by workers within the horticultural sector. We demonstrate constant concern for employees’ well-being and quality of life; we are pioneers in designing work centers with the best features to facilitate high performance in superior working conditions; we always try to reconcile the work and family life of our workers.

Work breaks are scheduled for every 2.5 hours of work, maximum. The large work area where the production lines are located has air conditioning and very high levels of natural light, and incorporates all the best measures for the prevention of occupational hazards, including the installation of a defibrillator which makes us a cardio-protected company. We have a high degree of safety measures for our personnel.

Worker picking organic tomatoes

Amidst our more than 300 hectares of production, Biosabor has arranged for there to be housing so that workers can have greater comfort and time with their families nearby. In this way we help reconcile their work with their home life, from household chores to cooking and eating together at home while take care of their children, etc.

Workers at Biosabor

We are very proud of our highly motivated and committed workers in Biosabor, who involve themselves in the excellence of each of our processes. It generates a tremendous corporate stability in Biosabor.

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