Organic Production

Agricultural activity has been more regulated in recent years, making Agriculture a sector that is increasingly aligned with health, safety and respect for the environment. Organic farming is positioned at the forefront of this shift.

Organic Cherry Angelle Tomato, excellent taste

The culture of organic production is growing, thanks to the increased awareness of how we must take care for the environment and coupled with increased concern for food security. The consumer clearly demands essential nutritional properties with increasing attention to the sensory characteristics of fresh produce.

Tomato greenhouse

That is why we at Biosabor have put our resources into organic agriculture, driven by our intention to preserve the environment for future generations to inherit in a sustainable way over time.

Organic Palermo Sweet Pepper

Quality certifications

Biosabor S.A.T is a pioneer and promoter of organic agriculture in protected crops. We have the most complete section of quality certificates, both national and international.